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St. Albans - Celebrate Our City - The Sunday Times

Posted on Monday, September 21, 2015

St. Albans - Celebrate Our City - The Sunday Times

St. Albans was recently featured in the 'Celebrate our City' feature in The Sunday Times, which explores why the city is such a popular place to live. In addition to the wonderful heritage of St. Albans the Sunday Times suggests that great transport, shopping and schools are also a key factors when people are selecting to move to the city.

The city is awash with good schools, most of which are located centrally.These include state schools Bernards Heath and secondary schools Beaumont and Verulam. The independent schools St Albans High School for Girls, St Albans School and Columbas College also get a special mention.

Figures for 2014 from the National Office For Statistics shows that 15% of local residents work in London, the proportion of residents under the age of 16 is much higher than the national average and there is a below avaere share of those aged 65 and up.

These statistics are reflected in the local housing market with prices higher than the national average and demand far outstripping supply. The main reasons the city remains popular is commuting and schooling. With a 19 minute commute from St. Albans City station to St. Pancras and excellent state schools the city will always remain popular with commuting families.

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